70’s revival

Step into the vibrant world of the 70s with our first swimwear collection. Inspired by an era that redefined beach fashion, our designs echo the boldness of Farrah Fawcett and the effortless chic of Jane Birkin. Experience a fusion of daring silhouettes and vivid colors, crafted to embody freedom and self-expression. Dive into a timeless elegance that's not just a trend, but a celebration of style across decades.


Italian Roots

"Growing up in an Italian household, I've always been fascinated by the Italian approach to fashion – effortlessly elegant with a bold embrace of color. Drawing inspiration from my grandmother and my mother, I aimed to honor my heritage with Casa Rosa."



"I've always been captivated by Brazil – its vibrant spirit and vivid colors. For this collection, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Brazilian artists to design our prints. Handcrafted and then digitally rendered for printing, I wanted this collection to burst with colors".